Disconnect to Reconnect - Why Unplugging is Essential for a Better You

Disconnect to Reconnect - Why Unplugging is Essential for a Better You

By: Anna Cialfi

Digital detox. Unplugging. Taking a social media break. Whichever way you’ve heard it, you get the idea. People are talking more and more about taking a break from technology. There is even a National Unplugging Day every March to abstain from using technology for 24 hours; empowering and encouraging others to turn off your phone and to put the screen away for a day.


Cell phones have become an extension of ourselves. We rely more on our phones to capture and store the moment versus living in it. While technology is helping us in our daily lives, remembering to have a balance of technology use and unplugging every so often can help you get a quality mental break and allow yourself to fully destress. Taking your eyes off your screen allows you to live in the present. 


Here are some ideas of why unplugging is essential:

  • Mental clarity. Destressss. There is a thing called social media overload and it’s been found to do more harm than good. Researchers have found that frequent Facebook users felt worse after viewing photos of friend’s or loved one’s success; producing the basis of social comparison. Taking a break from technology can provide an opportunity to relax, recharge, and refocus. A digital detox has also been found to improve gratitude, and boost focus.

  • Get moving. Unplugging allows us to get up and get outside! Dr. David Alter and his team of researchers found that, “People who sit too much every day are at an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and shorter life spans, even if they exercise”. Getting off your phone and finding new ways to stay active is more essential now than ever before.

  • Being present. It’s rare to find the time to be able to sit down with ourselves and self-reflect in a world where we are always connected. Try turning off your notifications or even your phone completely. Being intentional with going offline can give you some well-deserved alone time to RELAX. Life’s happening around both of us as we speak; might be cool to check it out before we miss out on it.


Now you know that unplugging can do more good for yourself than you expected. Sooo, now what? You have some extra free time, and you may or may not be sure of what to do with it. Here are some ideas you can try out:


  • Go on an adventure. When people hear the word adventure, there’s this idea that it’s an intangible, unrealistic thing to do outside of their immediate space. Adventures can be as big (or small) as you want it to be, wherever you are. Is going on a 30 mile bike ride an adventure? Yes. Is going on a 30 minute walk around town also an adventure? Yes. Find something that works for you and that you enjoy doing.

  • Read a book. Reading is another form of receiving information and allows you to get some relaxation in. Reading is also important for keeping our brains sharp, adds memory storage capacity, and helps prevent dementia. 

  • Spend time with Mother Nature. When I lived in rural Iowa, one of my favorite places to go was the state park 15 minutes away from my house. There were some trails, a lake to swim in, and you could even rent a canoe for an afternoon in the summer. After days like these, I found myself re-energized and in a state of bliss. Find out what’s in your area and take advantage of nature offers. 

  • Reconnect in different ways. Technology can keep us updated with everyone online, but take it to the next level by taking your friendships or relationships offline. Hanging out with friends in person is also much more meaningful.


Remember: Start small. Doing something small is better than doing nothing at all. 

Implementing a balance between technology and unplugging can help you lead to be happier and less stressed. 

Have a great week everyone! Now get off your phone :)


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